A Comprehensive History of Sabong: From Its Origins to the Modern Day


Sabong, or cockfighting, is a blood sport that has been around for centuries. Though it is considered a barbaric practice by some, it remains popular to this day. This blog post will provide a comprehensive history of Sabong, from its origins to the modern-day online versions such as sw418. We will discuss the different aspects of Sabong and how it has evolved over time. So whether you are a fan of Sabong or just interested in learning more about it, please join us as we explore its fascinating history!

Sabong is believed to have originated in Asia, though there is no concrete evidence of this. The earliest recorded mention of cockfighting comes from China, in the year 48 A.D. However, it is thought that the sport was being practiced long before this time. Sabong eventually spread to other parts of Asia and then to Europe and the Americas.

Cockfighting was popular among all social classes in the early days of Sabong. However, over time it became associated with the lower classes. This is likely due to the fact that cockfights were often held in bars and taverns, which were frequented by the working class. In more recent years, Sabong has become popular among the middle and upper classes as well.

Sabong is typically a gambling sport, with people betting on which cock will win the fight. The cocks are outfitted with sharp knives or blades attached to their legs, and they fight until one of them dies or is too injured to continue. Cockfights can be bloody affairs and sometimes even fatal for the losing cock.

While Sabong may seem like a cruel and barbaric sport to some, it remains popular around the world. In the Philippines, for example, cockfighting is a national pastime. It has kept up with times you can enjoy betting on cockfights online. So whether you are for or against Sabong, there is no denying that it is a sport with a long and fascinating history.


If you ever have the chance to witness a Sabong match, it is definitely an experience you will never forget! Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed learning.

Kameron Ari

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